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We Give Your Pup The Very Best Start In Life Before They Come Home To You

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Apricot Roots Doodles is dedicated to producing healthy and happy puppies for families looking for the perfect addition to their home. We believe that every dog deserves a loving family and that's why all of our puppies come from Genetically Health Tested parents. Our breeding program focuses on producing the best temperament and overall health of each puppy and we stand behind every dog that we breed. If you're looking for a loyal friend for life, look no further than Apricot Roots Doodles.

Newborn Goldendoodle Puppy



We're the Maxwell's

Maxwell Family

Here at Apricot Roots Doodles, our priority is to provide you with the most wonderful and loving companion for you and your family. Our dedication to raising happy, healthy, and well-adjusted puppies is unmatched.


What sets us apart is that our puppies are not merely raised in our home; they are raised as part of our own family. We understand the importance of a loving and nurturing environment when shaping a puppy's character and temperament. Therefore, from day one, our adorable little ones receive abundant socialization, care, and love within our bustling household.


We make sure our puppies are exposed to a diverse range of people and animals right from the start. This early and regular interaction helps them develop into friendly, sociable, and well-mannered pets that will seamlessly blend into your family dynamic.


Choosing Apricot Roots Doodles means choosing a breeder who genuinely cares about the well-being of our puppies. We pour our hearts and souls into raising every pup, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary love, socialization, and care to become cherished members of your family. Experience the ARD difference, where excellence and passion merge to bring you the ideal life-long doodle companion.

Ashlyn loving on a puppy
Eileen with a lap full of puppies
Ashlyn and Ruby Roo


Sweet Words

Amazing breeder that truly loves their dogs and puppies!!! Our doodle Jax is absolutely perfect thanks to Apricot Roots Doodle💕 - Susan L.

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