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Image by Brooke Cagle

Here at Apricot Roots Doodles we go above and beyond when it comes to health screening our Doodles. We use Paw Print Genetics and Embark to certify our parents health from over 200 + genetic canine diseases. We stand behind our puppies health!

Apricot Roots Talulah

Talulah is 45 pounds of teddy bear cuteness, and her puppies are equally as cute! She is calm and easy going, intelligent, and friendly with everyone she meets. She’s a gorgeous Goldendoodle with a very soft, wavy apricot coat with a little white on her chest. Her favorite pastime is curling up on the couch with her head on someone's lap. Talulah has produced some of the most beautiful
puppies ARD has ever raised. She will be retiring after her litter that is due in September. 


Apricot Roots Willow

Willow is a standard sized English Cream Goldendoodle who is an absolute love bug that has never met a stranger. She is stunning and commands attention everywhere she goes thanks to her beauty. And she’s equally as sweet and calm as she is beautiful. Willow has passed down her beauty and loveable temperament to her stunning puppies. 


Apricot Roots Pepper

Pepper is our beautiful Talulah's daughter. She lives with a guardian family who absolutely ADORE her! Pepper is a Goldendoodle with a beautiful soft, wavy coat, and is apricot with white markings. She’s calm and quiet, very intelligent, obedient and has been easy to train. Everyone who meets Pepper falls in love because she's an absolute sweetheart who will melt your heart with her soulful human-like eyes.  Pepper is Medium size, and weighs 38 pounds.


Apricot Roots Stormi

Stormi is a petite Bernese Mountain Dog weighing only 64lbs. She lives with her guardian family who love her dearly. Stormi has a playful, goofy and affectionate personality that makes friends easily. She is a gorgeous Berner with perfect markings and has produced some of the most beautiful Bernedoodles that we've ever seen!


Apricot Roots Gunner

Gunner is a small standard Poodle with gorgeous good looks that he gets from his AKC Champion Titled father. Gunner is a Sable Parti Poodle who has sired absolutely stunning Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle puppies. He is a regal gentleman who spends his time snuggling and playing with his hooman brothers in a wonderful guardian home. 


Apricot Roots Pongo

This sweet boy was carefully chosen from one of Talulah's amazing litters to continue his mom's spectacular legacy. Pongo's health and temperament are impeccable. His guardian family works in a school and is heavily involved in their church's youth ministry. Needless to say, Pongo is living his best life tagging along with his parents, loving on all of the different kids that he gets to meet. And just look at those eyes! They will melt your heart. 


Apricot Roots Archie

Archie lives close to us in his Guardian home, where he has several hooman siblings to play with and love on. Archie has an engaging temperament and melts the hearts of everyone he meets with his adorable Teddy Bear looks. He is a medium size Apricot Parti Goldendoodle who is energetic yet snuggly, and is intelligent as well. He's the total package!  

Archie 2021.5.31.jpg
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