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Image by Brooke Cagle

Here at Apricot Roots Doodles we go above and beyond when it comes to health screening our Doodles. We use Paw Print Genetics and Embark to certify our parents health from over 200 + genetic canine diseases. We stand behind our puppies health!

Apricot Roots Talulah

Talulah is 45 pounds of teddy bear cuteness, and her puppies are equally as cute! She is calm and easy going, intelligent, and friendly with everyone she meets. She’s a gorgeous Goldendoodle with a very soft, wavy apricot coat with a little white on her chest. Her favorite pastime is curling up on the couch with her head on someone's lap. Talulah has produced some of the most beautiful
puppies ARD has ever raised. She will be retiring after her litter that is due in September. 


Apricot Roots Willow

Meet Willow, our standard-sized English Cream Goldendoodle who radiates pure love and charm. This gentle soul has a heart full of affection and welcomes everyone she meets with open paws. Willow's stunning beauty is simply captivating, effortlessly drawing attention wherever she goes. Her serene and calm demeanor matches her outward grace, creating a tranquil presence that brings harmony to any environment. Willow's exceptional qualities shine through in her offspring, as she passes down her beautiful appearance and lovable temperament to her stunning puppies.


Apricot Roots Pepper

Introducing the captivating Pepper, a true gem descended from our beloved Talulah. Living in the care of an adoring guardian family, Pepper is cherished beyond measure. As a stunning Goldendoodle, she possesses an exquisite soft, wavy coat in a mesmerizing apricot hue adorned with graceful white markings. Pepper's serene demeanor and gentle nature make her a calming presence, while her intelligence and obedience make her a joy to train. Her remarkable ability to quickly grasp commands and respond with utmost grace showcases her innate brilliance. However, it's Pepper's soulful, human-like eyes that truly steal the show, capturing the hearts of all who have the pleasure of meeting her. This absolute sweetheart has a heartwarming charm that will instantly melt your heart. Weighing a perfect 38 pounds, Pepper is a medium-sized bundle of love.


Apricot Roots Stormi

Introducing the delightful Stormi, a petite Bernese Mountain Dog who radiates pure charm and elegance. Weighing a dainty 64lbs, Stormi captures hearts wherever she goes. Living with her adoring guardian family, she is showered with love and care, creating a nurturing environment that brings out the best in her. Stormi's playful, goofy, and affectionate personality makes her an instant favorite among both humans and furry companions. Her ability to effortlessly make friends reflects her innate charisma and magnetic charm. As you lay your eyes on Stormi, you'll be captivated by her stunning beauty, complete with perfect markings that define the classic allure of a Bernese Mountain Dog. Moreover, Stormi's exceptional breeding has led her to produce a remarkable lineage of Bernedoodles that possess unparalleled beauty. From their striking appearance to their delightful personalities, Stormi's offspring are truly a sight to behold.


Apricot Roots Sookie

Allow us to introduce you to the loveable Sookie, our exceptional Bernese Mountain Dog. With her endearing personality and irresistible charm, she is sure to steal your heart. Despite her large size, Sookie firmly believes she is a lap dog, always seeking affection and cuddles. Her laid-back nature and love for relaxation make her the ultimate companion for lazy afternoons and cozy evenings spent together. Not only is Sookie a joy to be around, but she also boasts perfect markings, showcasing the classic beauty of the Bernese Mountain Dog breed. Her impeccable health and temperament are testaments to her excellent breeding, making her an outstanding addition to our breeding program. Sookie's calm and gentle demeanor, combined with her flawless physical attributes, ensure that her offspring will inherit the best qualities of both health and temperament.

Sookie Adult.jpg

Apricot Roots Pongo

Prepare to be captivated by the irresistible charm of Pongo, a truly remarkable boy handpicked from the extraordinary litters of the legendary Talulah. Pongo embodies the finest qualities inherited from his remarkable mother, ensuring her spectacular legacy lives on. His health and temperament are nothing short of impeccable, a testament to the careful selection process that brought him into this world. Residing with a devoted guardian family deeply involved in both education and youth ministry within their cherished church, Pongo is living a life filled with purpose and love. From accompanying his parents in their daily endeavors to showering affection upon the diverse array of children he encounters, Pongo is truly embracing his role as a source of joy and comfort. But it's his eyes, oh, those eyes, that will leave you spellbound. Gazing into Pongo's soulful orbs is an experience that will melt the hardest of hearts, evoking a profound connection and igniting an unbreakable bond.


Apricot Roots Gunner

Prepare to be enchanted by Gunner, a small standard Poodle who effortlessly exudes charm and undeniable beauty. With a lineage boasting an AKC Champion Titled father, Gunner's exquisite good looks are truly a sight to behold. As a Sable Parti Poodle, he carries a coat that showcases an exquisite blend of colors, captivating all who lay eyes upon him. Gunner's impressive genetic makeup has resulted in the siring of breathtaking Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle puppies, each one a testament to his remarkable qualities. Beyond his stunning appearance, Gunner is a regal gentleman who embodies grace and elegance in every stride. When he's not captivating hearts, he can be found snuggling and engaging in playful moments with his beloved hooman brothers, creating cherished memories within his nurturing guardian home. Gunner's presence is nothing short of captivating, with his endearing personality and undeniable allure.


Apricot Roots Teddy Bear

Get ready to fall in love with Teddy Bear, the mini Goldendoodle who is as enchanting as a real-life teddy bear! This adorable little guy resides in a loving guardian home where he is pampered and spoiled beyond measure. With his little apricot tuxedo and irresistibly soft fur, Teddy Bear is the epitome of cuteness. But it's not just his looks that make him special; his personality is equally captivating. Teddy Bear's gentle nature and lovable demeanor make him the perfect companion for cuddling and snuggling. Every moment spent with him is like embracing a living teddy bear, bringing comfort and warmth into your life. As a future parent, Teddy Bear is certain to pass on his stunning qualities to his offspring. With his remarkable genes and charming appearance, he is sure to produce a new generation of breathtaking puppies. Teddy Bear is a true treasure, ready to steal hearts with all 15 lbs of his teddy bear-like charm and the promise of adorable and stunning puppies.


Apricot Roots Archie

Prepare to be captivated by the charismatic Archie, a Goldendoodle whose engaging personality and adorable Teddy Bear looks will steal your heart. Living in a loving guardian home nearby, Archie is surrounded by a lively family, including his hooman siblings, with whom he shares endless playtime and affectionate moments. With his irresistible charm, Archie effortlessly melts the hearts of everyone he encounters. His medium-sized frame adorned with a captivating Apricot Parti coat adds to his undeniable allure. Energetic and full of life, Archie is always ready for an adventure, yet he knows just how to turn on the snuggle mode, providing warmth and comfort during those cherished quiet moments. Beyond his endearing nature, Archie showcases remarkable intelligence, making him a quick learner and an ideal companion. With his engaging temperament and a perfect combination of playfulness, snuggles, and intelligence, Archie truly embodies the total package.


Apricot Roots Jack Jack

Introducing Jack Jack, a magnificent mini merle poodle that exudes charm and charisma! With a gentle disposition and a heart full of love, he is an absolute delight to have in any breeding program. Living in a guardian home with four energetic little boys, he has proven himself to be an exceptional family companion, showing unwavering patience and a deep bond with children. His playful nature knows no bounds, and he eagerly joins in their games, whether it's a spirited game of frisbee or simply engaging in joyful playtime. With his striking merle coat, he is a true head-turner, captivating everyone who lays eyes on him. But it's not just his looks that make him special; he possesses remarkable athleticism and a keen intelligence, making him an ideal candidate for producing offspring with a combination of beauty, agility, and intelligence.

Jack Jack.jpg
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