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Apricot Roots Doodles invites you to complete and submit our online application for consideration.


Submitting an application does not guarantee your acceptance or commit you to anything. It simply starts the conversation with us. 


Once your application has been approved, we will invite you to place a reservation deposit. 

The $250 non-refundable reservation deposit to reserve a puppy goes towards your total payment. 

Your place in line will not be reserved until the reservation deposit has been paid. As breeders, we reserve the right to first, and sometimes 2nd pick, from any litter born, regardless of reservation order.

The remaining balance will be due on puppy pick up day. 



Families will choose their puppy in the order their reservation deposit was received. If the remaining puppy/puppies don't suit your needs, you will be added to a reservation list of a future litter. 

Families that are on the reservation list will be able to virtually pick their puppy at 4 weeks of age and bring him/her home between 8-9 weeks of age. Our utmost concern is the puppies well-being and we are committed to providing you with a happy and healthy companion. The virtual selection offers them protection while they are not fully vaccinated yet. We provide weekly pictures and video updates on our social media pages to help you feel involved in your puppy's journey from the early stages. You can watch them grow, explore, and see their unique personalities shine through. We understand that being unable to visit in person can create a longing for connection, but we strive to bridge that gap by keeping you engaged and informed through our regular updates. We encourage you to interact with us and ask any questions you may have during this exciting time. Rest assured, when the time comes to bring your new furry family member home, they will have received the necessary vaccinations and thorough care, ensuring their optimal health. Together, we can create a memorable and joyous experience as you welcome your new companion into your loving home.


At Apricot Roots Doodles, we will contact you a week prior to your puppy pick-up day to schedule a convenient appointment time for you to bring your new companion home. We understand the anticipation and excitement surrounding this special occasion and look forward to coordinating the details together.

We offer convenient puppy delivery options, subject to availability and for an additional fee. If you are unable to pick up your puppy in person, we can discuss the possibility of arranging a delivery to your location. Please mention your interest in delivery during the reservation process, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 


Click to view Apricot Roots Doodles Health Guarantee, Purchase Agreement and Spay/Neuter contract.

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